lucy’s first real tea party

I’m not going to back track too much on here just because there is so much. this happened a couple of days ago. I had been wanting to let lucy eat and drink off of the china collection we started her first Christmas, the lenox holiday china collection. each year since her first Christmas, she gets a tea cup and saucer. we are doing this with the exact pattern for eleanor as well. we will enjoy them amongst ourselves until they start a home of their own. then I will pass them along. I have initialed and dated the bottom of each cup and saucer. as lucy’s “want” gift this year, we got her a silver tea pot set that came with a platter, cream and sugar bowl- a gift she did not know she wanted.

we just happened to get dressed this day. she was sitting on the couch watching tv and eleanor was down for a nap. I hurriedly boiled some water, got some left over Christmas goodies out of the fridge, soaked a tea bag, put some cream and honey in a bowl, and set her little play table. then I invited her to a tea party.

we blessed the time, conversation, and food. and had a good visit. I talked to her about how this year is about to end, and a new one will begin. she did not understand very much but probably more than I realize. I asked her what her favorite memory was about this year, and she said playing with cassidi and cora at school. then she asked me my favorite thing, and I told her it quite possibly was this moment right here.

she made a plate for Jim, and was sad when I told her that he was at work so he would not be able to come. we will surprise him with one soon. her favorite part about the party was the butter cookies. my favorite part was her

another favorite part, the little mess we made at the end. evidence of a good time.


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