out of the wood works, round 2

so I am starting this new “blog” really as another way to journal. after getting rid of my last blog, I told myself I would find another way to journal and share with family about the girls. And while I have continued to keep record of the girls, it’s a bit more scattered than when I had a consistent place to come to. and I have done a poor job sharing with my family, especially my long distance family unless it was on social media. I know part of experiencing His fullness is recalling His faithfulness and goodness, even when it doesn’t look full or good.

I have been contemplating doing this for a while now. and that awe inspiring moment that lead me to finally sit down and do it? eleanor took her first steps today.

my hope is with this, it will be as though we are sitting on my couch together with a warm cup of coffee catching up- and if we are lucky there will be some laughing and crying involved. so often I have missed the call, my texts are choppy and delayed, or  worse- I am forgetful.

a lot has changed (and changing) since my last blog, especially myself. a lot of sanctification, which is always for the better. but to go down that route you will for real need to come sit on my couch with a piping hot cup of coffee. or maybe something stronger… where are the emojis?

so where do I even begin? old blogger Jordan would have probably done some festive end of the year post. new “blogger” (insert eye roll emoji) Jordan? how about I start right where I’m at: in my chili stained pjs drinking 5 hour old coffee in my messy bathroom while I bath my 12 month old for the second time in less than 24 hour

this little was very vocal at lunch time today wanting to take the spoon. so I let her while I unloaded the dishwasher. she did pretty well spoon feeding herself for the first time. beautiful little mess (which resulted in chili stained pj

which also resulted in bath time. an absolute favorite of this little one’s since bringing her home


yesterday eleanor was diagnosed with a double ear infection, which is her second ear infection this month. we took her in for her 1 year check up, and to our surprise she had a right ear infection. other than a slight runny nose and appetite change, there were no symptoms. she started having those same symptoms and some fussiness a couple of days ago, so I took her in for an ear check. the doctor said she must have a high pain tolerance because it was a very nasty looking infection. so we started our second round of antibiotics. and she’s a trooper. she always has been, and I suspect that will be a forever characteristic trait of hers. we have the day to ourselves while I give her some one on one TLC, and she took her first 2 steps walking from me to Deanie.


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