new year’s eve 2016

“But, first, remember, remember, remember…” C.S. Lewis

this morning at breakfast I asked Jim and Lucy what some of their favorite memories were of 2016. here is what they came up with.

  • Lucy: playing with sister in my room
  • Jim: milkshakes for breakfast lunch and dinner on Lucy’s bday
  • Lucy: riding Nip
  • Me: Lucy’s first recital
  • Lucy: watching her favorite movie, which to our surprise was, The Grinch
  • Me: Eleanor singing at her high chair
  • Me: Lucy going potty all by herself
  • Me: Lucy’s first hair cut
  • Me: Our vow renewal
  • Jim: Our visits with Mickey Maw

My most favorite memories of all are probably the times that I won’t remember at all but I know they happened. It’s hard to recall all the goodness, every time we laughed or were silly or said something outrageous. Maybe nothing was actually happening but it was enough to stop what I was doing and take a picture or to influence us.

This year Lucy’s imagination blossomed. It is something I envy in her so much. Her residence, freshens, excitement, spunk. The age of 3 has been much more challenging than two ever was. We have a lot of emotions we work through with her. Eleanor has been a dream. She has been giggly, easily entertained, and adjustable. As we end this year, even with her ear infections, she has been so pleasant. I will say, she is just now at the age of getting into Lucy’s playtime or favorite toys while Lucy is enjoying this which causes disruption. I have been doing a lot of referring in this area. And something tells me it is just beginning with all that.

This year I read my first Ann Voskamp book, which turned into completing 4 of her books total this year. I am now on a first name basis with Ann, though she has no clue who I am. I really hope I get the change to meet her in person one day!

My favorite Bible studies were in Acts and Hosea: God’s redeeming and pursuing love (also read Redeeming Love this year and knocked my socks off) and when the Holy Spirit invaded the earth.

we celebrated with a New Year’s Eve package Aunt Jac sent to us! Full of crowns, noise makers, confetti, and a Cinderella matching game! I made sprinkle rim cups and we drank just to toast the New Year! We watched one of the Netflix cartoon countdowns (about 20 times!) and threw confetti. Lucy would shout “Happy New Year!” and Eleanor would clap her hands!

Here’s a couple of quick, random snapshots from the year paired with my favorite Ann Voskamp quotes:


time is only represented by change

IMG_3967.JPGwe are mirrors of each other, mirrors of the same kind of different.

img_1389img_1629img_1696Eleanor’s hair always seems like so much! It looks like sprouting grass on her head! My baby!

img_4694attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.

IMG_9113.JPGwe aren’t here to make an impression, but make a difference. we aren’t to one-up each other, but to help one another.

img_9103I will give her back her vineyards and transform the valley into a door of hope. There she shall respond to me as she did in the days of her youth. Hosea 2:15


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