2017 Goals

or what my BFF Ann calls “reSOULutions”

  1. write something in my journal app every single day. even if it’s just a sentence.
  2. get organized with the girls
  3. attend a writing workshop somewhere (looking at the Thrive Conference with Ann Voskamp and Lysa Tyrkaust! what a dream)
  4. declutter the house
  5. stick to me and jim’s financial budget
  6. encourage jim
  7. learn how to really love… which will introduce my 2017 life verse:

and now I urge you, dear friend, not anything new. but something that I have requested of you since the beginning: love one another. 2 John 1:5

I plan to and have already started collecting scriptures on love, and highlight stories of Jesus and others what show love. Today my reading was from 1 Peter when Jesus first encounters Peter. He renames him “Rock.” Often times when I think of Peter, I think of his betrayal. Jesus sees him, knowing the betrayal to come, but Jesus sees the Jesus in Peter, and names him “Rock.”

1 Corinthians says love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always preserves. another translation I have read says “love always looks for the best”

I pray the Holy Spirit will overcome my flesh this year, and because of my overwhelming love for the Lord I will always look for the best.

Happy 2017!


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