all day every day eleanor

this little “baby” is just a ball of sunshine. we went in to her follow up ear recheck, which showed a little fluid but no infection! So we are grateful! and since then, little girl is taking about 4-5 steps at a time before she blows down or looses her balance all day every day. she is into every cabinet, child proofed and all, wants to drink from big cups and feed herself. wants to hold Deanie, and has even started barking when she sees the little dog. wants to be doing whatever Lucy is up to. loves to climb in the little kidkraft chairs and just sit like an old man at a coffee shop. she naps twice a day still and sleeps wonderfully at night, usually waking at 6:30 on the dot! my personal little alarm clock. she giggles all the time, even when she’s mad. she pulls every bow out of her hair, and Lucy’s hair too. loves to give kisses. calls every food banana. she says “eeeezz” when she sees a camera and smiles (see below picture) she is lighthearted and go with the flow. she is so good for me. and if I don’t stop to reflect, these moments might just pass me by. i love getting to know this little one.



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