i love lucy

before I begin, I should just clarify that the age of 3 years is no joke. Three has been especially challenging with rebellion, high emotions, manipulation, demanding… when I write this out, I realize that the age of 3 has genuinely exposed Lucy’s flesh. and not just her flesh, I might add mine as well. I remember when Lucy was an infant, seeing articles posted on Facebook and other sources where mother’s confessed their weariness and impatience. Impatience? I couldn’t fathom ever being impatient with the perfect little heaven sent angel. A relentless, high on life love would prevent any ill ways I felt toward this beautiful daughter of mine. And while, what I suppose others so commonly call “real life” sets in, God is faithful to keep the desire of my heart the same for my girls since the day I met them, captivate their little hearts. If there is anything the age of 3 has taught me thus far, it is to strengthen my prayer life, love her at her darkest, evaluate the intentions of my own heart, and the Lord can use anything for good.

all that to say, 3 years has not been all that bad. But it has definitely been the most challenging. I love Lucy Maxwell Wood to the moon and back. She is brave, a reader, creative, inclusive, joyful. My favorite thing about her, and I believe I have said it before, is the way she thinks. She can say some of the most clever, heart felt sentences I think I’ve ever heard. I am so grateful she gets to be mine. My days fill up with her smart little perceptions about life that often challenge me to think, cause me to laugh, or warm/break my heart. these past couple of days she has been so into Eleanor, really since Jim and I got back from out anniversary trip to Seaside. she has been sharing just about everything, and been gentle and protective over her. maybe it was our absence that caused this. regardless, it has been so refreshing because Eleanor has been so receptive to it. she is a wonderful helper when she wants to be! her spunk rejuvenates me!

a few of my favorite things Lucy has said recently:

  • to Jim when he got home from work one evening “I missed you because you were gone to me.”
  • praying “dear God, please let me dream about good things and not scary dogs or monsters.”
  • “hey! that’s a great idea”

I am constantly¬†challenging myself to disconnect from too many things so I can be more attentive to the girls. Ann Voskamp wrote “attention is the most genuine and purest gift,” and Lucy Wood is evidence of that.




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